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Smoke 2


Indonesia can be found this month in one of the articles of PNAS (“Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences”).  It deals with the large scale fires in Kalimantan,  West Papua and Sumatra.

It takes the authorities off the hook- to a limited degree that is.  Their responsibility is relative, because in it’s summary the authors from the University of Amsterdam en the University of Wageningen a.o.,  conclude that alternating periods of relative drought and relative high precipitation have a most important impact on the amount of carbon emissions and by consequence on climate change. El Nino years (dry) are 15 to 30 times worse than El Nina years (wet).

The worrying part is  that as a consequence of global warming the number of dry years in the archipelego probably will grow significantly. This may equal more drought  and a rapid acceleration of deforestation. Which is a gloomy prospect for the remaining Indonesian jungles.