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“Beyond the Dutch”

I’m addicted. Last week I gave it a try to kick the habit. Cold turkey, mind you. I did succeed to refrain from my addiction each and every minute of the last seven seven days. I managed to abstain from even one phone call. Yet, I’m not sure whether the cure was a great success. To be honest I don’t think I’m clear yet. I can still feel the urge. Desperately even. Next Monday I probably will give in to the temptation once more. The moment she will look at me when we enter the room, I will gladly fall again. After a week off, I will be full time co-nanny/play mate/slave again – together with my wife. Ah, it’s sweet being prisoner of her charm…  Esha is our precious piece of art.


Speaking about art, the time out had it’s advantages anyhow. It provided us with extra leisure time. Time for ongoing exhibitions on Cezanne, Picasso, Mondriaan, Sally Man, Edward Hopper. In the context of which it was an extraordinary and happy coincidence that the other day this special exhibition called “Beyond the Dutch” started. It had pretty wide coverage in the media – for instance  an article in the Jakarta Post at the other end of the world as well as an item in the news reel of Channel 2, Dutch public television.

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Sit and Smile

eat-pray-loveA very simple way to reach the state of happiness. Just sit in silence and smile, even your liver should be able to smile. Then you will reach the ectasy of happiness. At least this is what Ketut Liyer, the spiritual guide of Elizabeth Gilbert taught her to in her spiritual journey to pursue happiness in Bali. Great advice!! Sit in Silence and Smile. Have you ever tried it ?

This piece of advice comes from Elizabeth Gilbert latest book: Eat, Pray, Love. Another story of her travelling pilgrimage around three “I” countries; Italy (for pure indulgence in pleasure–therefore Italy chapters called as Eat), India (to learn the devotion to God-this is the Pray chapters), and Indonesia (to learn how to balance these two–yeah baby this is the LOVE chapter). Yes yes…another book…as if we haven’t got the chance to see any films…so this time why not write about a book…especially with such a mystic title: Eat, Pray, Love.

I was a skeptic at the beginning. It must be some kind of another self-finding-help-book that targets women in their 30’s and all their misery (if there’s any).  It is so obvious from the title: EAT, PRAY, LOVE. Must be some kind of book full with advice on how to balance your life blabla yabyab nabnab. So I start reading it with skeptism. Hate the first three chapters. Some mambo jambo about her difficulties in getting divorced, being needy, being sad, talking to God, at some points a thought crossed my mind, “who CARES?!”.  So I fast forward to the area that I found more interesting…her journey in Indonesia (well we need to stress here that in this blog we like everything about Indonesia so yes this part of this book better be really interesting to read and should be unique).

And here..things are getting interesting. I hoped to be dissappointed and find she’s some young writer that tries to judge how Balinese society lead their lifes. Luckily my assumption was not true at all. She’s actually able to write the piece with some airy-light-tone but with some good sense in it about her journey in Bali. It is seriously all about her own journey. How she choose to act on different things everyday. No judgemental attitude whatsoever. Just a “plain” spiritual journey of Ms. Gilbert.  Her spiritual journey and learning points that came from the discussions and events that she shared with Ketut Liyer, the healer/Balinese spiritual teacher, Wayan-fellow healer/tough Balinese woman, and some other characters that taught her what is the meaning to live your life to the fullest (no empty hole in your heart). Continue reading Sit and Smile

Mana ada Nyoekse? Pasti curi curi pandang sama ornag jelek.

Well enough about that, what’s been happening in the world lately? Well most obviously of course the war in Iraq and it’s swift end though a blitz-krieg orchestrated by Rumsfeld and associates. Anything interesting happening there? Except the obvious, like people happy that Saddam got an ass bashing, or people rather unhappy about the Coalition Forces (read US) attitude that only Washington hand [picked people are allowed to run Iraq. Well, yes there’s something interesting: the long forgotten hunt for WMD (Weapons of Mass Destruction) is still going on. But not by th UN, like it’s suppose to, based on all those Iraqi resolutions. It’s done by the Coalition Forces. Al ‘Jazeera got a nice article about it.

Oil the motive for the war in Iraq? Possibly. Nepotism, to boost American companies? Not unlikely that such a thing would have been a consideration. For those who really feel the justification of the Gulf War II is suspicious, here’s another one to relish on. Looks like GWB jr. and sr. are earning a nice buck out of this war.