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jerry van den brink/colson: Harry, what a great surprise :). Welcome back in blogosphere. Welcome back on Plopor. Hope you will stay :). By the way: your first comment [...]

Harry Nizam: Hi Colson, it's good to be back on your nice blog again. I commented on your latest post but not shown.

jerry van den brink/colson: Great.Permanently? Promise? But what about Anywaay, OK we'll meet again :).

atri: Hey Colson! Long time no speak :D Currently re-entering the blogging world! See you around, located (hopefully permanently) here: :D

jerry van den brink/colson: @ utomo: Thank you. I'm sure we'll have some wonderful times in the upcoming days in the company of children and grandchild :). Hope you [...]

Utomo: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2014 !

colson/jerry van den brink: @ Lorraine: Wat heet toeval :). Nog extra toevallig is dat je haar op die plaats tegenkwam.Een jaar of vier geleden heb ik Adep en [...]

Lorraine: Hallo Colson, Ik had vanmiddag Bonnie kort gezien en gesproken op de oude brug in Arnhem!

jerryvandenbrink/colson: @ Utomo: Your posts, your grandchildren, were my inspiration :).

Utomo: Wow...I am glad to see you together again with your beloved grandson Kris !

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Agression in Religion’s Name.

The Indonesian president likes to show off the country’s good reputation in the world. Indeed he got overwhelming positive international feedback in the course of his administration. I’m sure that also during his imminent visit to Berlin and Budapest, Chancellor Angela Merkel and prime minister Viktor Orban ( who himself by the way is [...]

Love and looming danger

The EU ambassador in Jakarta wrote a love letter to Indonesia on February the 14th. He apparently went cruising. Or perhaps he’s already courting the Garuda bird. He praises the great Indonesian people, the fascinating Indonesian diversity, the wonderful Indonesian products, the beautiful Indonesian landscapes and the ever improving Indonesian tourist infrastructure, including more [...]

Freedom of the Press and Iriana’s seating order.


It’s unfortunate – but just natural- authorities don’t like being criticized. They, quite understandably, are inclined to say:’Free press is fine – but shouldn’t poke it’s nose into my affairs and least of all tell me I’m wrong’. Therefore censorship and libel laws have been invented. If applied strictly they almost prohibit publications [...]

The necessary irritants

It’s not easy to be a president.

Journalists, good journalists, covering the life and times of politicians, occasionally are critical bullies. Actually not occasionally but most of the time. They have to be because it’s their mission to be necessary irritants to authorities. It’s their profession to keep an eye on people we vote [...]

Presidential Dilemmas

Most of us meet some dilemmas in life. By the way he or she deals with them a person reveals his or her true colours.

The life of someone at the top, for instance a president’s life, to me appears to be abundant with that kind of inconvenient, awkward, painful choices between two evils. [...]

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