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We may not be the cheapest but we’re the best

frans timmermans

As a country Indonesia is economically thriving.

And it’s a rule that when you’re winning you’ve got a lot of friends.

There is  money to be earned in RI today. Impressing growth rates, rapidly growing middle class and purchasing power,  a lot of commodities and potential huge infrastructural projects. So actually an almost endless parade of delegations and representatives of many foreign countries try to worm themselves into Indonesia’s favour. They bring praise and flattery with them. And their own poorly hidden agenda of course.

Last week it was our Dutch minister of Foreign Affairs, Frans Timmermans’ turn.

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Wonderful Indonesia & Cultural Tourists

President SBY will be happy.

He said the tourist industry is important to the national GPD. It contributes some 4% directly and 9% indirectly he said recently. So I guess it’s good news to him Henk and Gerrie, my two theatre-buddies and real addicted culture-consumers, decided to spend a month in Indonesia.My globe-trotting friends will soon tour the “tropic of emerald“. But rather than enjoying the still abundant beauty of fauna, flora, sea and scenery in the empire of islands, they are hoping to find new cultural experiences.

Henk and Gerrie waited long.Too long in my opinion. Though I’ve often tried before to convince them, they have not spent one day in Indonesia in he past. Never seemed inclined at all to go there. Latin America, China, India, the Middle East – they have been hunting for cultural experiences everywhere. They recently even preferred Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia over holidays in Indonesia. When I asked them why their answers were evasive and ambiguous.

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Be rich to get richer


To grow fast a national economy needs a  positive export-import ratio, substantial investments and considerable domestic consumption. While Dutch GPD grew a microscopic 0.2% both in Q1 and in Q 2 due to poor investments and declining domestic consumption, Indonesia keeps on showing promising, optimistic, positive figures in spite of a negative export-import ratio. Indonesian households benefited from a 6 to 7 % sustainable economic growth and got considerably richer last year, BI reported. The country actually is “the world’s second fastest expanding economy“, ABC’s Indonesian correspondent told his audiences.Though in the interview Sumitri, a man living in the slums, says he didn’t notice. A significant revelation.

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A revolution that didn’t come off

Rice and bread may be necessities of life, yet to many people energy, more particularly petrol, is the real essential requirement. And access to it a fundamental right. A real expensive one though :(.

The price of petrol is rocketing. When I bought my first car I paid the equivalent of 2400 Rupiah per litre. Now it’s over 22000 Rupiah at the filling station:(. But we are addicted to that liquid drug. So we groused and grumbled at each hike, but accommodated.

Indonesians are no different. People hate expensive petrol.

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