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jerry van den brink/colson: Utomo thanks. They played well during the tournament indeed. Actually they overachieved. Yet it's a pity they can't play the finals.

Utomo: Congratulations, Jerry ! You've got the 3rd Place of World Football Championship 2014

colson/jerry van den brink: Utomo, the presidential elections in all likelihood were very successful and as for the loss against Argentina I think the Dutch squad actually were way [...]

Utomo: Failed ? Well, the failure is the stone where we jump for the next success !

Colson: Delvi, looks like you choose the winner :).

delvi: yeh...i just cast my vote, surely it was for No 2. Hope Orange Team can also do well against Argentina tomorrow....

Colson: Dear Delvi, the advantages of this campaign are there is a choice between the past ( a man who belongs to the Suharto era and [...]

delvi: Opa, I come to see whether you write something on the presidential's suffocating here with tv and media campaigning for their master pin......

jerry van den brink/colson: Harry, what a great surprise :). Welcome back in blogosphere. Welcome back on Plopor. Hope you will stay :). By the way: your first comment [...]

Harry Nizam: Hi Colson, it's good to be back on your nice blog again. I commented on your latest post but not shown.

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Opa’s schattebout is 5

When you’re a little child, turning five is a major event.  Toddler years are history, from now on life begins :).

For my granddaughter Devica Esha that moment  arrived a few days ago. She loved it.

She had been allowed to choose five ( of course five) of her best friends. So an extraordinary  energetic bunch of youngsters of multiple cultural background (one boy with Cuban parents, another boy of Indonesian origin, one girl with an Afro-Dutch  father and two Belanda girls)  threw a wild birthday party with my Eurasian “schattebout” (= darling times 100).

I’m still recovering from my supervisor’s job :).

Yes, indeed, from this day on my lovely girlie girl, my talented little  drama queen, is someone from the past.

Now she is the most wonderful young lady in the world – well, at least in my world:).  Yet she will be  a very special  “schattebout” to me  forever.

devica esha 2008 -2013

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