How to curb female sexual desire

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Pushed by the WHO the UN recently called on member states to abolish practices of genital mutilation. Yet in Indonesia female circumcision ( and male circumcision) is still legal. A 2010 Ministerial Regulation stipulates it’s permitted if religious laws and health standards have been observed.

To me many religious rituals are incomprehensible. And this one in particular. I admit it’s my fault, my ignorance. So in advance I offer my apologies to the scribes; mea culpa, mea maxima culpa.

I wonder with disgust why inflicting pain has to be part of  rites. I can’t think of any sensible reason why any decent person can approve of, I quote,  “incising the skin that covers the front part of clitoris, without harming the clitoris”. That to me is  enigmatic  at the zenith of absurdity. What I do understand is that female circumcision is a painful mutilation. There can be no doubt about it whatsoever. So to me it constitutes ritual cruelty at that zenith of absurdity.

But that’s not all.

What distorted mind once came up with the thought female circumcision was a religious obligation to control women’s  sexual desire? What is going on in the minds of people who consider a clitoris a threat to a pious life?

Of course  The National Commission for Violence against Women criticizes minister  Nafsiah Mboi for not having banned the degrading ritual altogether. Which I think stands to reason. But the usual suspects, the Ulemas  of MUI, have been triggered by the UN initiative to create some serious backlash. They demand that their horror tool to reduce women to mere  incubators will be maintained. The organization’s deputy secretary-general Amirsyah Tambunan said  it is their constitutional right. He obviously thinks he in this case needs heavy vocal artillery.

I don’t know what the outcome will be. But I’m not optimistic. Minister Naftiah Mboi, Health Ministry, hurried to assure MUI that she will make sure the existing Regulation will be in force in the foreseeable future.

Once more dangerous obscurantism appears to prevail over reason.

7 thoughts on “How to curb female sexual desire”

  1. Hi Colson,
    I totally agree with you on this topic.
    I too cannot understand the thought that Circumcision is an effort to control women’s sexual desire.
    This is absurd!!! It is like saying there is no sex maniac women in Indonesia Hahahahaha …… LOL!

  2. @ Harry: The good thing is that the overwhelming majority of the Indonesian people doesn’t mind what the crazy fringe of MUI and other scribes demands. The bad thing is that crazy fringe has a privileged position in politics and law. And yes, fortunately there’s usually nothing wrong with Indonesians’ sexual drive and pleasure, my kindred intelligence officers tell me :).

  3. That’s what happened if we have a president who is elected by absolute majority of the people BUT not supported by strong political party that he has to beg other political parties’ AND groups of people to support him. So IRONIC! People’s votes wasted!

  4. @ Harry: Actually I don’t think those votes were really wasted ( just think of the alternative presidential candidates back then). Yet SBY could have done better building a coalition and could have been a lot more hands-on.

    @ Hariyanto: Welcome:).

    I’m not sure if functionalism is a sound theory. The mere fact that something ( a rule for instance) exists, doesn’t prove in my opinion it still serves a reasonable cause. To me in this case clearly not. As far as I can see it’s quite the opposite.

    There is this story of the last Russian Emperor who one day saw a sentry standing guard in the middle of the garden at his palace. He wondered why he stood there. It turned out that hundreds of years earlier Empress Catherina – who loved flowers – had ordered the Captain of her Guard to put a sentry near a fragile daffodil. And after the daffodil had faded away, the sentry stayed. And gradually as well as obviously everybody had forgotten the reason why the sentry was there. In other words just because it has always been this way, does not mean it still makes any sense.

  5. If FGM is the cure for female libido, then castration is the cure for male libido. Yet, I’ve never seen any raper being castrated these days.

    UN, OIC are all banning FGM.. MUI is supporting it just because it’s a habit back in the days. And I thought god gave us brain to think… heck, the first verse of Quran was ‘Iqra’ means ‘read’! That supposed to be a clue of what is expected of us.

  6. @ triesti: We agree :). (Well as a non-believer I’m not so sure brains were a metaphysical gift :).) What is disturbing though is the fact that people with extreme opinions are not just officially tolerated, but even officially supported. Extreme opinions which are virulent and put to practice in some, thus too much, places.

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