Today is my wife’s birthday, it’s the day springtime begins and the one my blogging ends.

After way over 500 posts since I joined “Pelopor” in ’07, I ran out of steam. It didn’t go unnoticed that I kept on repeating myself lately.  Dull.  Boring. Lame. Tedious even.

And that’s something potential readers and I obviously agree on. So it’s time to take a deep breath and to decide to stop. To check out. To quit. To bid farewell. To draw the final curtain.

Well, to be on the safe side let’s leave some room for a change of mind later on.  After all Indonesia and it’s people will always be too fascinating, too surprising and too worthwhile to stop paying attention to. I will keep my eye on news dealing with it’s developments and incidents. And will stay true to my  favourite fellow bloggers. So it  might be possible that I feel tempted to express my twisted and biased occasional opinion here once in a while in the future.

Yet this is my  goodbye as regular blogger.

Thanks for your interest and comments.

Wish you well.

Jerry ( a.k.a. Colson)

40 thoughts on “Goodbye”

  1. No way!!!
    Is this serious? WHYYYYY?!!! *zoom in and zoom out like in a SINETRON*

    Hey Jerry, you’re seriously leaving this blog?

  2. Hello opa Colson. It’s been so long since i left comment here.
    Happy birthday to your wife. Surprisingly, i share the same birthday with her.

    Sad to hear that you will stop writing. But sometime taking break works.
    Please write again if you feel like doing it.

    Happy spring and hope you enjoy this beautiful season with your big family.

  3. @ May: I’m still very interested in your blog and your creative writing :). I will keep visiting “sanguine and will email ( if I detect the address) real soon :).

    @ Sakuralady: Thanks :). And wow, this is a very nice surprise. Happy to see/read you. Obviously alive and kicking as always. So did your hiatus work out well?

  4. happy birthday to the wife.

    wait, what’s with this quit blogging thing? Just as google reader stops, it’s not you protesting of their stopping that service, right?

    I’m going to miss your insight on Indonesia, so, please drop a line, or two..

  5. @ triesti: I’m not protesting. Well I think we should protest bankers ( the top brass should be jailed) and cigarette & tobacco industry (the lobbyists, the producers, the investors). They should be prosecuted. But it’s not because of Google. I just lack stamina and writing creativity.

    And of course I keep in touch with you. Internet provides many possibilities and so does transport :).

  6. It’s so very special day. Happy Birthday to your beloved wife.

    Sad you’ll be soon leaving your blog. I hope I still can contact you for much longer and wishing will meet you up directly someday :-(

  7. @Hijjaz S.: Thank you :).

    I’ll be too glad to keep in touch. I intend to keep visiting your blog :). And if you want you may email me.

  8. Nog gefeliciteerd voor je vrouw. I admire your decision but will of course miss your sharp, no nonsense look on Indonesian Affairs. I’ll see you around through blogwalking & you are very welcome should you consider to write again.

  9. @ Lorraine: Dank je wel :). En ja, ik blijf inderdaad bij jouw halte uitstappen op m’n dagelijks m’n route door de blogosfeer.

  10. whaaaaaaat, whyyyy????!!! *insert melodramatic melody here*

    oh well, I will always be excited if you decide to blog again ;)

  11. @ calvin: Why? Well, I looked in the mirror and saw the kind of man I – when I was twenty five – wanted to shut up. Because I use to agree with my younger self, I now do shut up :).

    No, actually I felt trapped in the same limited range of subjects and realized I needed to break away and reload ..

    @ Dian Wijayanti: Thank you :). You flatter me ( and I like it :)). Well, to be honest I love your posts as well. And to reveal a secret: I actually check – and will keep on checking- your blog for a new story each day. Really.

  12. ooh…i’ll really miss reading your blog. i rarely comment, but i do visit from time to time. in fact, in the last two years yours is one of less than a dozen blogs that i still visit….
    farewell…. hope to stay in touch.

  13. @ mer: That’s a promise, isn’t it: “stay in touch” :). I’m genuinely curious how the double two of you ( husband and you, science and you) are doing.

  14. WHAT??? No way! I think I’m gonna cry. Is that mean I’m not going to see you at blogging world anymore, Jerry a.k.a Colson ?

  15. @Ladyulia: You reacted in quite the right way :). It’s sweet consolation.

    However, I just announced I will stop blogging. But I don’t stop blogwalking. Nor commenting).

    So beware. I’ll visit “Get up, Survive, Go back to bed” each day :).

  16. Happy Birthday to your beloved wife. Very very sad to hear that you will stop writing. But sometime taking break works.
    Please write again if you feel like doing it. Dank je wel, our best Grandpa Jerry van den Brink ! <3

  17. Hi Colson,
    I am very sorry that I have not been visiting your blog for quite a long time.
    My non blogging works have been obstructing me from working on my blog and visiting the blogosphere.
    I am very surprised to read your post about you quitting from blogging.
    I really hope it would only be temporary. I hope you can visit Jakarta again soon so we can meet and talk about lots of things.

  18. @ Harry: Your abstention is for the very legitimate reason of being busy, but my quitting is because of laziness and mental fatigue.

    Just like you I hope – well I know – we’ll stay in touch. If only via you posts and my comments :).

  19. @ Utomo: Thank you :). Actually I feel the itch already when I read about the killings in the Yokyakarta Sleman prison or SBY’s coup d’état fears. But if got my consolation: I will always be able to meet you at the Fish Pond :).

  20. @ Britt: Ik ben even helemaal daas van al die corruptie zaken, seks-obsessies, politieke uitspattingen en religieuze strapatsen. Om preciezer te zijn van mijn routineuze en onbeholpen geschrijf daarover. “Ik ben toe aan heroriëntatie”. “Het hoofd helemaal leeg maken”. “Een nieuwe uitdaging”. “Een doorstart”. Enzovoort :)))).

    Maar als ik nou geweten had dat jij tot mijn lezeressen behoorde….

  21. Dear colson, this would be so long, I know I should’ve written a blog post instead, but please allow me to comment:p

    I was quite shock when my Dad (on-the-phone-since-he’s-on-his-vacation-leaving-her-daughter-bored-to-the-max) told me that you stopped blogging on your wife birthday ( and please send my Selamat Ulang Tahun for her (^0^)).
    I must admit one thing(although you might realize from the absence of my comment). I rarely read your blog:| If I went blogwalking on this blog, I would just skim on the title, looking for something less politic that I feel like commenting:))) since, I’m very much not into politic, and I have sort of kind of headache when I read one. I even forbid my future husband to have politic-related-job:| *ehm…sorry that’s my issues.
    BUT when I write my blog, I always see myself sending my update story for you. I guess that’s how your presence for me.

    I also rarely read my Dad’s blog and eventually want him to stop write that review-thingy and write his-own-mind down. I really want him to share his wisdom to the world. I said to him “You know, like Paulo Coelhoooo~” I said that because I saw my Dad’s writing when he was younger. And no, it’s not a review-thingy:( Well, some other reason is that I’m so stubborn by blood, I have this resistance to took his advice if it’s verbal; but I do enjoy read the written one (email/chat). But it’s okay, I’m sure Dad was stubborn like me when he was younger:p *not-guilty*

    And as I looking forward to see the comments you wrote, I also wish you’ll start that kind of wisdom blog. Although the reader might not be as much as, and as segmentated as this one. Although you’ll feel itchier coz you have to write that-easy-things while you want to write heavier-things about politic for instance. But I really wish you’ll start that one and be the inspiring wise Dad for the world (cc:Dad). The great thing about blog it’s they’re lifetime (unless they shut down like geocities:/). I’m still 30 but I feel I’m writing my legacy to the younger generation. (WOW.. that sentence I just wrote was soooo snoob:|But I guess you might get what I meant.)

    Anyway, I must stop writing now! *pint my hands*

    I’m also looking forward for your book! printout or ebook. You should write some and let us be happy! :)

    I’m sorry you closed this one, but I will be more sad if you closed yourself to the world. So, I’m looking forward for your comments as always, and I’m looking forward for your new blog:p

    Love always! *Utomo’s daughter.

  22. @ Dear Meilina, thank you for your sweet and encouraging view :). It’s clear you’ve got a legacy to the oldest generation ( if that is logical possible) as well as to the younger ones:)). And concerning your advice I might consider the possibility. If only to convince you ( and others) that, when it comes to literary relevance, wisdom, insight and inspiration, novelist and essayist Philip Roth is an absolute must-read :)and that the world at long last should recognize the genius of the late Flemish author Louis Paul Boon ( from which I borrowed the alias “colson”, which is a character in his masterpiece “Chapels Road” – De Kapellekensbaan) .

    By the way, the saying ‘comes ages, come wisdom’ is a dramatic misunderstanding. I was smarter when I was young, my children are smarter than I’m now :) and you are smarter :).

    Anyhow I will keep visiting your blogs ( hoping you will break your recent silence).

  23. @ Uti: I’m afraid you not got rid of my opinions yet – I will keep visiting ( and commenting on) your blog :).

  24. I suppose all good things come to an end. I’m optimistic that you will get itchy fingers for your keyboard again someday.

  25. Hi Colson,

    Sad to hear but total respect for bowing out. Joining late into reading your site, I have found it very insightful and interesting for me. Personal blogs are tough and another great one bites the dust. I hope at some point mentally fresh you strike up another blog in the future.
    Stay well and in touch.


  26. @ Luke: Thanks, you keep my spirits up :). Anyhow, I’m sure I will resume blogging some time in the future. I’m patiently looking for a different angle. In the ample meantime I read new books I should read and the old ones I should have read.

  27. Hi Colson,

    My name is Emmy, I’m one of your silent reader here.. I found your blog from Hning’s (Alia Makki) blog.

    I always like your point of view for some politic issues in Indonesia, but most of time I
    didn’t understand what you were talking about (yes, it was my terrible mistake).

    I hope I can still read your writings in future, someday somewhere.
    Thanks for the insightful thought. I really appreciate what you had been sharing here.


  28. @ Emmy Emanyza: Thank you.

    If Alia Makki is your source, it proves you love quality :). So I’m grateful for the ( elegant and correct)lesson in humility you just taught me :). So if I ever will restart blogging I will try to drop esoteric (or enigmatic) issues and fuzzy style of writing :).

  29. @ ahdini: Thanks for dropping a comment :). I’m really glad to make acquaintance with your (great) artblog. Late as well, but not really too late fortunately.

  30. wait WHAT? :( boo! and just when I’m finally putting my toes back in the blogging world! oh no fair.. well, we await your triumphant return ;)

  31. @ atrisiregar: Hey, Hello :)!! Glad you are back in blogosphere. Your presence may help to inspire me to bounce back. Actually I felt so lonely (here tears appear on the wrinkled cheeks of the old man); I took for granted Yoanita and you deserted to Facebook, Twitter, career and love forever :).

    I won’t miss any of your entries :).

  32. @ ladyulia: Of course I keep faithful to your very special blog :). Because a promise is a promise, but first of all because you create a fascinating blog :).

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