A Sexist Tyrannosaur


The Speaker of the House, mr Marzuki, perhaps jokingly, implicitly linked male sexuality to polygamy last week. He got cheerful support from his former deputy Anis Matta.

So he did it again. He apparently vies for the position of Indonesia’s most prominent comedian MP. This time around he said all men want polygamy. Obviously there never is a dull moment while one is in his company. His infinite struggle with logic and political correctness produces embarrassing or funny gaffes all the time. In doing so he consequently leaves out any female perspective but I have give him that men are human with too human weaknesses.

No real harm done, but I’ve to admit that  sometimes, at some naughty passing moments in my  fifty odd years’ monogamous relationship with my wife, I had short lived sweet dreams about one or two other beauties.  I guess women are no different from men in this respect. At least my spouse told me, while we discussed the issue last night, she of course also  had her occasional passionate fantasies about charming, witty, smart and muscled guys in the course of the many, many years of  our marriage.  No need to say these  juicy mind games did not have any impact on the exclusiveness of our bond of marriage.

Mr Marzuki overheated thoughts are different. He starts by ignoring the exclusiveness of bonds of love. And continues by claiming ample legal opportunities for male libidos which he denies to women. Nor did he mention the outdated motive that polygamy actually is coming to the rescue of widows and orphans. In stead he gives the impression his reasoning is: “This is a man’s  world. Men are driven by an infinite and overwhelming sexual urge. So they are essentially promiscuous. However to unconditionally give in to passionate  male libidos would mean social disorder. So by way of compromise between unlimited satisfaction and  law and order,  organized states – usually with the help of moral systems like religion-  reign in  men’s options to mate by defining legal frameworks. These compromises differ from society to society. But fortunately – in their ultimate wisdom- the Indonesian lawmakers of 1974 included polygamy in the country’s legal framework. By doing so they gave men abundant room to satisfy their craving for a lot of female laps“.

It comes down to saying  a wife is like a car. A luxury car. But once it has reached a certain mileage you add a new item to the collection.

Marzuki didn’t speak about other options of variable bed partners to satisfy male desires . He might have mentioned serial monogamy( hopping from one bed to another Casanova style), living apart together ( both partners have their own household but alternating and intermittently provide each other with shared bed and breakfast), steady extra marital love relations ( say sugar daddies and their mistresses) or a Nikah al- Mut’ah.  After all these solutions also may primarily meet male sexual needs.

I wonder what the  major lawmaker thinks about them. Probably he is strongly in favour. Because if he goes by his own logic I guess he would sayAll men want it, the desire to practice(them) exists, but [men] don’t have the courage to do it“.

The Speaker and his bunch of sexists have a problem indeed. They may fail to notice, but actually their Man’s World is getting more and more feminine. He and his former deputy as well as their gender agenda are getting way behind the times. Thanks to common sense and feminism.

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  1. Everytime I think he can’t possibly be any dumber, he goes and says something else. Not sure if he’s genuinely a troll or just that dumb. -_-

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